After my research, interviews, and experiences with the Genesis Home, I have decided my deliverable for the semester will be a list of activities that Genesis Home can quickly and easily implement into either their day-to-day programming or into their new parent introductions. These activities will be built using the literature I have researched and with the recommendations of whomever the new volunteer coordinator is, Gillian, and Tasha. Additionally, I will include suggestions for re-designing some rooms in order to make more stimulating and comfortable rooms for the children. The deliverables are based on two main focuses of my research: the effect of structuring time on a child’s psyche and the impact of a child’s material conditions on reducing or aggravating psychological stressors. Structured time, especially during leisure activity, would help a lot of children develop much of their personalities, attentiveness, educational growth, memory, alongside many other elements. On the other hand, a child’s environment could have many stressors that could trigger a child’s psychological trauma, so replacing these stressors with soothing and invigorating materials could completely turn around a child’s state of mind. Both of these research elements will be corroborated with Genesis Home staff and resident children’s advice so that we can quickly turn research into action.