Conference Objectives & Description

To examine in detail current developments in the estate and gift tax field.
To strengthen the practitioner’s knowledge and application of estate planning techniques to a multitude of diverse and complex problems.
To provide a forum for the discussion of important estate planning problems and their solutions.
The course objectives will be met by a series of lecture sessions over a two-day period. At the commencement of the conference, a detailed outline will be provided
for each subject to be covered.
The conference faculty is comprised of estate planning and tax practitioners and legal scholars. Faculty members have been selected for their knowledge of the
subject, teaching skills, and ability to communicate clearly.
Registrants will receive continuing education credit hours upon approval by each individual state and individual group. Credits will be awarded for actual time in attendance.

Brochure for the 36th Annual Estate Planning Conference

36thAnnual Duke University Estate Planning Conference

October 16 – 17, 2014