Five Tips for Learning Online (Video)

Writing 270: Composing the Internship Experience: Digital Rhetoric and Social Media Discourse (Video Course Description)

U.S. Academic Writing Practices for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Students at Duke in Kunshan (DKU) (Video Course Description)

MOOC Research Initiative: Online Peer-to-Peer Interaction through Writing (Interview)

English Composition I: Achieving Expertise MOOC (Video Course Description)

Google Hangout Writing Workshops in Denise Comer’s MOOC

Specialization Certificate in Coursera: Reasoning, Data Analysis, and Writing (Video Course Description)

Coursera in the Classroom” (Feature Story)

Teaching Writing at Scale and Online,” Webinar Series, Michigan State University (podcast)

Plenary Session of WMSCI 2013, “Academic Writing for Inter-Disciplinary Communication.” (Video)

Thompson Writing Program (TWP) DukeWrites Enrichment Suite for International Students (ESIS).” (Feature Story)


Digital Writing and the “Art of the Internship Experience” with Denise Comer (Duke University)” (Feature Story)


Writing in a Digital Age.” (Website featuring work emerging from a collaborative Duke University Humanities Writ Large grant.)


Duke Durham Writes Studio.” (Website featuring work emerging from a collaborative Duke University Office of Civic Engagement Studio Grant.)

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