August 17, 2019

Civic Engagement

Each year, DEID works to improve the ethics and cultural trainings that is now a mandatory requirement for all travel team members. The DEID Executive Board has Vice Presidents of Civic Engagement that work specifically on providing ethics and cultural trainings throughout the year to this upcoming travel teams.


A major aspect of our civic engagement initiatives include proper knowledge transfer (through experience) from previous travel team members. Each spring, DEID hosts a panel discussion where travel team members can ask questions to past travel-team members (and past travel team members can talk candidly with upcoming travel team members). This environment allows both parties to speak candidly about their questions and experiences.


DEID also utilizes on-campus resources to bolster proper civic engagement training for DEID members. Throughout the year, DEID hosts various different speakers from different departments across campus to speak on their thoughts about global development as a whole, as well as their own specific experiences. This gives DEID members a chance to engage with different disciplines across campus as well as learn about different perspectives in the field of global development.