Bolivia 2020 Update: 10/13/19-10/19/19

This week we got all team members on Basecamp, the platform that we use to communicate with EIA and within our team. We also got all team members enrolled in EIA’s Bridge Education (Bedu) program; Bedu is a new platform that has modules for each team role and all team members are expected to complete the “Bridge Program Introduction” course that gives background on EIA and how our team will operate this year. Team mentors — students who have traveled before and will be mentoring this year’s travel team members — will also be taking this introduction course. We discussed on-campus leadership roles: Documentation Manager, Fundraising Manager, Grant Manager, and Publicity. Finally, we highlighted important upcoming dates. First, our Boo Bag fundraiser is in full-swing, with tabling next week and delivering the candy bags on Halloween! Lastly, we are expected a visit from Bridge Corps Member, Chris Busch, on Sunday, November 3, at 3pm. to discuss his work with EIA and specifically Duke’s chapter in the past and what to expect this year!