Uganda Update

Hi Everyone,

This past week went by really quickly.

We continued leveling the classrooms for both buildings, moving dirt from one place to another. We are basically done leveling all the classrooms in the first building and have also removed all the berms around it. For the second building, we’ve leveled the two small rooms and are still working on the other rooms.

We also moved a lot of bricks to both buildings this week. The first building is built all the way up to the level of the bond beam (top of the windows and doors). On Friday, all the forms were set for the columns of the first building and we helped to mix and pour concrete. By the time we left, we were done with 5 and a half columns.

This weekend is our last weekend in Fort Portal so we got a couple of souvenirs. We also took group pictures at the site so we printed copies for everyone we worked with. We’ll be staying in Kaihura next weekend so this will be the last update from me in Uganda.