Uganda Trip Updates – Week 2

We are back in Fort Portal for the weekend. I just got access to Internet and we will be leaving this afternoon and this time we won’t have internet access till 2 weeks later.

Last week we finished digging the foundation. We did most of the digging Monday through Wednesday and then made final adjustments on Thursday.

Since our building is on a nominally 7% slope, we had to have our foundation in 4 steps. With a 4 step/level foundation, we had to dig different depths at different locations. However, the local engineer we are working with had the Ugandans dig 3 feet at the lowest elevation, when we only needed 15″-18″ there. Because the foundation must be level, that meant we had to dig more than if it was done correctly.

The biggest challenge this week was definitely working with the locals and having everyone agree on a certain way of doing things. For example, we had to insist that the foundation must be level. Also, since we had to dig so much, by Thursday, we were all tired of digging.

The next step is to mix concrete, set the columns and set the foundation. Since the water pump was broken (we need water to mix concrete – and it should be fixed by now), and we didn’t want to start digging the second building, we took a day off on Friday. On Friday, some of us went to the school, the orphanage and the clinic.

We’re all excited to start mixing concrete next week!