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DEEP/DEC Workshop Series: Session 1 on Race, Power, & Partnership

Description: Moderated listening session with Black and Brown led local environmental organizations delving into their needs, barriers, and opportunities for support and partnership. 

Overview. The DEEP/DEC workshop series on Race, Power, and Partnership. supported by Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke, Burt’s Bees, and the Triangle Community Foundation met for it’s first session of the Fall workshop series on September 20, 2022 at the Forest History Socity.

Shemecka McNeil from SLICE365 is served as a co-organizer (and panelist and providing food!) along with L.A. David-Durante, Rickie White with Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association, Marcia Mandel with New Hope Audubon, Nicolette Cagle from the Nicholas School of the Environment, Tania Dautlick and Princess Musafa from Keep Durham Beautiful, Margaret Sands from the Triangle Land Conservancy and Sarah Guidi from Triangle Community Foundation.
Thanks to CJ Broderick at The Equity Paradigm for facilitating!
Thanks to Kamal Bell of Sankofa Farms for serving as a panelist and sharing your journey.

Thank you to everyone who is here including the Duke Forest team with Sara DiBacco Childs and Sarah P. Duke Gardens team and Michelle Louise Jones and more.

Pre-Work Assignment:
  1. Approximately how long has your organization or group been active? (In months or years).
  2. In retrospect, describe the audience/demographic/communities your organization has been the most connected to.  (1-4 Sentences). 
  3. Describe what historic internal challenges your organization has encountered with implementing or embracing  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive strategies. (1-3 sentences).
  4. Name current external challenges or barriers your organization has with connecting to BIPOC communities. (1-3 sentences).
  5. Has your organization developed any sort of action plan to address organizational alignment and racial inclusivity in the future? (1-3 Sentences) .

Pre-Work Reading: White Supremacy Culture by Tema Okun.

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