The Duke Epigenetic Seminar Series is a platform for learning about exciting, ongoing epigenetics research on Duke’s campus through data presentations by faculty, fellows, and graduate students. Talks focus on various epigenetics research including DNA methylation, chromatin and chromosome biology, noncoding RNAs, and nuclear structure.

Our meetings are informal, and we encourage active discussions between our speakers and the audience. 

2018-19 Schedule (Printable) updated 05.08.19
When: 4:00-5:00PM
Frequency: 2nd Wednesday of each month (with some exceptions)
Where: Bryan Research Building, Room 301
Contact: Dr. Eda Yildirim, Organizer (eda.yildirim@duke.edu)
Sponsors: Duke School of Medicine; Duke Epigenetics & Epigenomics Program
~ Food and drinks served.

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
12-Sept Matt Hirschey (Duke Faculty, Medicine)
Talk Title: “Epigenetic control of gene
expression by lipid metabolism”
10-Oct Yarui Diao (Duke Faculty, Cell Bio)
Talk Title: “Chopping away at “junk” DNA: using high-throughput genetic and genomic approaches to uncover the regulatory role
of non-coding genome sequence”
14-Nov Mike Love (UNC Faculty, Genetics)
Talk Title: “Adaptive priors for estimating
effect size with genomic data”
Josh Black (Gersbach)
Talk Title: “High-Throughput Mapping of Master Regulators of Neuronal Cell Fate via CRISPR-Mediated Gene Activation”
12-Dec Mauro Calabrese (UNC Faculty, Pharmacology)
Talk Title: “Anatomy of the long noncoding RNA”
9-Jan Pelin Volkan (Duke Faculty, Bio/Neurobio)
Talk Title: “Chromatin regulatory
mechanisms in neural circuit development
and reprogramming with experience”
13-Feb Zanetta Chang (Heitman)
Talk Title: RNAi-dependent epimutation mediates broad antifungal resistance in
the fungal pathogen Mucor circinelloides”
Mathieu Flamand (Meyer)
Talk Title: Investigating the role of
N6-methyladenosine in neuronal mRNA localization and transport”
13-Mar Tianqi Yang (Yildirim)
Talk Title: Determining role of
Xist RNA in hematopoiesis and
hematologic malignancies”
David Gallegos (West)
Talk Title: Psychostimulant-regulated epigenetic plasticity in interneurons of the Nucleus Accumbens”
10-Apr David Ashley (Duke Faculty, Medicine)
Talk Title: “Many Human Brain Tumors are Epigenetic Cancers, Implications for Therapies”
(Room Change:
384 Nanaline Duke)
Sheng Sun (Heitman)
Talk Title: “Epigenetic silencing of the transgene array in human pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformans”
Steven Choi (Meyer)
Talk Title: “Investigating m6A-mediated gene expression in the brain”
12-Jun Mike Reid (Locasale)
Talk Title: “The influence of metabolism on chromatin biology”
Cecelia Kelly (Rawls)
Talk Title: Microbiota and dietary fat interactively regulate intestinal epithelial gene expression

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