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Izon Glasses Free 3D Display Makes Appearance At Research Computing Symposium


The folks from Izon made the long drive from sunny Florida to participate in Duke’s Research Computing Symposium. We were able to display some of the newly shot 3D footage of Dr. Len White discussing some of the major neurological systems of the brain. This was the first time we saw the footage on the glasses free system and helped us realize some of the challenges of photographing images in 3D. In order to bring out the detail, the cinematographer (me) got too close to the subject. The effect is the same as if you put something very close to your eyes, you can’t focus on the object (and your eyes cross). What was cool was that the TV allowed us to adjust the depth of those images. Reducing it to 50% made it watchable but did diminish the overall 3D effect. DDI has purchased the monitor so that we can explore it further. Once it is onsite, we’ll use the tools available in either SONY Vegas or the Stereo 3D Toolkit in Final Cut Pro X to adjust the convergence on the 3D shots to try to make it better.

The content Izon developed for the display wowed the crowd. The monitor should be at our media lab by mid-February. We hope to get one with adjusted for a “short throw” of about 3′ viewing distance which will help us in these demonstrations. If you are interested in demonstrating the display for your school or department, email us via the OIT Service Desk.



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