Screen Record AND Present From Your iOS Device

I just purchased the new iOS Mini Synth app from Electro-Harmonix (because that’s what I do at 7AM on Saturday Mornings) and I wanted a way to share my brilliance with the world.

I realized I’ve never really found a way to record audio and video from my iPhone. Did some Googling and came up with this article that kinda blew my mind.

Apparently with iOS 8 and Yosemite, you can connect you can connect your iOS device to your Mac via a lightning cable and then record audio and video of your screen with the already resident QuickTime X application. It is super easy and free.

Then it dawned on me, that if you are in a classroom without an Apple TV and you want to share your iOS device, you can just connect your Mac to the projector, connect your iOS device to your Mac, get QuickTime X ready to record, but then just don’t hit record, use it to present. This would be a way for you to record your iOS device to Panopto!

PromptSmart Automates Teleprompters with Voice Recognition

In the move from DIY video production kits to professionally produced recording sessions, providing faculty with prompting material has become more integral than ever. The approach changes with each presenter. One goes low-tech with a large white board with bullet points below the camera. Another uses Keynote slides on an iPad attached above the camera that the they remotely control with an iPhone. We’ve also used a more standard teleprompter setup using a mirror to reflect scrolling text, while the camera shoots through the mirror.

To facilitate the mobile nature of our shooting kits however, whatever teleprompter software we used needed to be on an iPad. While autoscrolling text got the job done, it was inelegant solution compared to a professional driving the pace. This too was not always smooth as remote speed control always came with a lag negating its usefulness. Enter PromptSmart.


By simply copying in a text file and hitting play, faculty could now read the script at their own pace. The app uses voice recognition software to automatically scroll and keep up with the speaker. No calibration required.

Most of the time, it is pretty seamless. We often screen-record faculty driving a slideshow, and we add special characters like *** and ### to cue them to click through animations and slide advances. The app has no problem handling these and jumps right over them. If anything, it is maybe overly flexible – if similar phrases are close together in the script, the app might jump straight to the second reference. If casually chatting before shooting, the app might pick up a few keywords and scroll right to them.

The voice recognition usually works best with loud and clear voices, though it can depend on the person. Anecdotally, out of the four faculty I routinely use it with, it picks up the three men just fine but can’t seem work with our female instructor. Your results may vary. We record with the instructor standing about 5 feet way from the iPad in quiet room. While iPhone/iPad microphones are supported we’ve not yet tested their effectiveness.

New Extron Wireless Collaboration Gateway – ShareLink 200

sharelink200Extron recently announced their new wireless collaboration gateway, ShareLink 200.  The device is very similar to Crestron’s AirMedia.  Some differences compared to the AirMedia are listed below.  We will reach out to Crestron for a demo and report back when we have tested one.

  • built in access point
  • 30 fps video
  • moderator mode
  • dropbox integration
  • PoE
  • 3 USB ports

Now Released: WebEx Meetings IOS App v5.1

What’s New in Version 5.1

-Redesigned iPad and iPhone app for iOS7
-Enabled video on iPhone4 (previously disabled in v5.0)
-Sign up for a basic WebEx Meetings account through the app
-Fixed an issue for indirect proxies
-Fixed an issue for Meeting Place audio call-in links on iOS7
-Fixed an issue for hosts on iOS7
-The app now will now display default call in numbers outside of the United States per site admin settings

Logitech AV business devices


oa-glamor-imagesDuke’s Logitech rep, Warren Widener stopped by today to show us some of Logitech’s business line products (listed below).  Two of the highlights were the BCC950 ConferenceCam and the Logitech Mobile p710eSpeakerphone P710e.

The BCC950 webcam features 1080P video, PTZ operation w/remote, and a built-in speakerphone with echo canceling.  This webcam could be a great solution for folks in small meeting rooms that would like to participate in a video call using apps like Cisco Jabber, WebEx, Skype, etc.  It does not require any software or drivers to be installed.  Warren left one of these for us to test and I’ll write more up about it once we’ve had a chance to use it.  If anyone would like to borrow it let us know.

The P710E speakerphone can be used either wired (USB) or wirelessely (bluetooth).  It features 15 hours of talk time between battery charges.  It even has an adjustable stand for holding a mobile phone or tablet device for video calling.



Logitech Webcam C930e

Logitech C920-C Webcam

Logitech B525 HD Webcam

Logitech B910 HD Webcam

Audio Devices

Logitech USB Headset Stereo H650e

Logitech Wireless Headset Mono H820e

Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e

Keyboard, mouse, and webcam solution

Logitech UC Solution for Cisco 725-C



Cisco WebEx Meetings v5.0 App

The new Cisco WebEx Meetings v5.0 app is now available for the iPhone and iPad. The new release includes the following features and functionality:

  • Support for WebEx Training Center
  • Redesigned iPhone application experience
    • Start/Join meetings right from the meeting list
    • Easily return to a meeting that is not originally on your meeting list
    • View video and content in the same screen
    • View video filmstrip in landscape mode
    • Improved visual indicators for in meeting experience
  • Expanded participant list for Hosts
    • Make someone else a Host
    • Make someone a presenter
    • Chat
    • Expel a participant
  • Share a file from Box (iPad only)
  • Visual indicator to let you know the meeting is being recorded


WebEx App

WOW Vision Collab8

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.39.16 AM

The hot AV product this year for education seems to be wireless presentation gateways.  At this week’s Whitlock Convergence show in Durham we got to take a look at several of these devices including WOW Vision’s Collab8 collaboration device.   At first glance the Collab8 looked similar to the wireless presentation products Crestron and Teq AVIT are offering, but it offers a lot more than just wireless content presentation.  The Collab8 is a collaboration device.  It supports connections from wired and wireless participants with the option of inputing a document camera, video conferencing codec or any other HDMI outputting device.  The Collab8 also supports interactive touch displays, and has built-in cloud storage, whiteboard software, and support for 3rd party apps like WebEx, Skype, and the Microsoft Office suite.

I was impressed with all the thought that went into designing this device.  It is great to see devices like this and the Christie Brio which are taking wireless presentation gateways one step further.  Overall, the functionality may be a bit more than you may need if you are just simply looking for wireless presentation gateway.  However, if you are looking for a collaboration device this could be a good fit for your space.

Crestron AirMedia Presentation Gateway content sharing device


The AirMedia Presentation Gateway from Crestron was just officially announced at InfoComm last week.  It can support up to four simultaneous presenters at the same time and currently works with Windows and OS X, as well as Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.  It looks like it will be available in August and we’ll try to get a demo unit to test.

Interesting New iPad App – Electronic Clapper For DSLR Production

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 12.47.28 PMThe app is the vision of Ian Nuttall and his team, who run a DSLR-based studio in Kingston-upon-Thames, in London, England.

Ian told RedShark:

…the App is a bit of a test to see if we (three of us, film, web, digital heads) could apply all our skills into one project and make a really easy, modern, good-looking Clapperboard App that was affordable and actually a help to our work-flow.. not a hinderance.

We’ve aimed it specifically at the semi pro DSRL shooter, still and motion shooters, student film makers and indie documentary teams..  personally I’m quite excited just to have my first App!

We’ve had over 2000 downloads form all corners of the globe since last saturday and more good feedback than we ever could of imagined.

This success will let us fund iPhone and Android versions this coming summer.

To find the app on the Apple App Store, search “clapperboard”.

Make sure to turn the sound down at first when you check out the demo here: