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3D Printing and Imaging

September 26, 2017

HP Sprout Pro G2

By: Richard Mitchell

HP visited Duke's Technology Engagement Center (TEC) this morning to provide an overview of their Sprout Pro G2. Describing the Sprout is a tricky thing to do considering the unique capabilities of the device. As HP was quick to mention,...
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February 23, 2017

Wacom’s MobileStudio Pro

By: Mich Donovan

Following up on Wacom's Companion series, the MobileStudio Pro doubles down on power and capability. If you're looking for the functionality of a tablet-aided desktop on the go, it's an incredible tool. Even more so than the Companion, the MobileStudio Pro...
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October 13, 2016

3D Animation Process For The TEC

By: Joseph Johnson

Since joining OIT as a video producer last year, my responsibilities have broadened to include animation and its integration into our production workflow.  Our process normally incorporates 2D animation however we see a need for 3D animation/modeling rising on the horizon.  Utilizing...
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