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Battle of the AI Bands

By: Stephen Toback

I first started experimenting with AI generated music with Suno back in March. I created this heavy metal banger with this prompt:

It truly blew my mind:

It created the lyrics and all the music and vocals and even generated the image that I’m using for the thumbnail.

There’s a new AI music generator on the scene called Udio. The interface and most things about it seem very similar to Suno. Since I don’t know the technology behind either tool, it could be using the same engine. Both are free until you use up your credits. This is a fairly recent discussion with some links for more research from VI Control.

I subjectively like the song that Suno created better, but the Udio songs seemed just as complex and interesting.

The thumbnails Udio created were generic (not sure how important that is but it’s cool that Suno created on topic thumbnails) but it allows you to upload new thumbnails. Suno also created 1 minute of content and Udio only created 30 seconds. That said, the extend section in Udio is WAY better than Suno. I could never get Suno to extend more than 10 seconds and it does so automatically. Udio opens up an entire editor for extending a song with a lot of options:

As a former musician, it’s really frightening what these tools can do. If you are involved in creating production music, I would think that industry will be first to be impacted as these tools evolve and add features such as creating music to specific timings, etc.

I used Suno to create music for my NAB Vodcasts I produced last month and in my opinion it was better than using stock music that I’d find in open source creative commons libraries. And quicker too. Here’s a history of my prompts:

Here is the music in one of the videos. All the voice over was also AI generated but that’s another post 🙂



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