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Realtime Image Generation – Prompt & Drawing

By: Stephen Toback

A new AI app, offers real-time image generation by combining user input with AI-generated elements. The app provides a range of creative tools, including a Color Picker, movement tool, shape tools, and a paintbrush, making it versatile for creating and manipulating images. It also allows users to use their webcam to influence image generation, even for 3D objects, adding an interactive dimension to the creative process. The app’s capabilities extend to various scenes, from cityscapes to characters, with different styles and backgrounds. Moreover, it can be integrated with external programs like Photoshop, expanding creative possibilities. It even demonstrates how the AI can transform a person’s appearance in real-time, offering endless opportunities for creative experimentation. Users can fine-tune the level of AI influence, striking a balance between their own creativity and AI assistance in image creation.

Of course I didn’t read any manual so here’s a short video of me stumbling around in it trying to make something. The ability control generative AI and bend to our creative will while still producing imaginative and engage output is a great challenge for this sector.

It’s available via invitation with no release date set.

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