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New Blackmagic Camera App

By: Michael Blair

Blackmagic recently released a free camera app for the iPhone, an especially welcome offering as other feature-rich camera apps adopt paid subscription models. Like those paid apps, it allows you to utilize the built-in video capabilities of your iPhone with the added control of a professional camera. It uses the same user interface as Blackmagic cameras, allowing you to manually and precisely adjust focus, frame rate, shutter speed/angle, ISO, white balance and tint. It also provides professional monitoring tools like focus peaking, zebra, framing guides and grids, a histogram, and audio monitoring. If you are already using other Blackmagic projects, it also supports some helpful integration such as uploading to Blackmagic Cloud and syncing footage directly into a DaVinci Resolve project.

Blackmagic Camera App Interface

Some testing confirmed the level of control is impressive, especially when comparing the price (FREE!) to other popular apps. The interface was intuitive and smooth but could be slightly too sensitive when trying to make precise changes, like racking focus, with a finger. There might be a learning curve for beginners, but all settings have the option to be set to auto, reducing the need to pay attention to everything all the time.

This is a helpful tool for any media professional to have on hand. The ability to make precise adjustments makes it more viable to match settings and use your phone in conjunction with other cameras. This can be especially useful when traveling light or for difficult shots and situations that require a smaller device. I’ve often used my iPhone’s 13mm lens for wider shots in tight spaces. It could also be extremely useful for those looking for a temporary or low-cost alternative to a more traditional video camera, even if it is just to access specific features like audio monitoring or focus control.

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