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Adobe MAX 2023 was All About AI

By: Stephen Toback

Adobe MAX 2023, the world’s premier creativity conference, commenced with a focus on introducing new AI-driven tools and features that continue to redefine creative workflows.

Adobe introduced three new Firefly models: Image 2, Vector, and Design Models, enhancing content generation across various media types. The Firefly Image 2 Model significantly advances creative control and image quality, offering enhancements to human rendering quality, better colors, improved dynamic range, and greater user control

The Firefly Vector Model, the world’s first generative AI model for vector graphics, brings Adobe’s vector graphic and generative AI expertise directly into Adobe Illustrator workflows with Text to Vector Graphic.

Lastly, the Firefly Design Model powers instant generation of high-quality template designs in Adobe Express with the new Text to Template capability. Adobe Express, the all-in-one creativity app, now offers enhanced AI capabilities with features like Generative Fill, Text to Template, and Translate.

Over 100 AI updates were unveiled across Adobe’s flagship Creative Cloud applications, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Stock. Two of the most anticipated changes shown (coming soon) was generative fill within Adobe Premiere and a project called “Dub Dub Dub” which brings the AI dubbing I’ve shown previously to the Adobe platform.

To cater to enterprise content creation needs, Adobe showcased Adobe GenStudio, an end-to-end solution integrating various Adobe products, streamlining content ideation, creation, production, and activation. This might be interesting to some of our Marketing/Communications professionals.

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