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Finally – AI Storyboard Software

By: Stephen Toback

This is something that I’ve been thinking about even before AI rose to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Boords offers a comprehensive solution for storyboard creation, designed to streamline the process. It boasts a range of tools, including an AI Generator for storyboard images and full storyboard templates, Storyboard organizer, Scripts, Animatics, Shot Lists, and a Drawing Tool, catering to the needs of both individuals and teams. Boords facilitates efficient version management and real-time collaboration. Additionally, it offers flexibility with multiple export formats, such as PDF, animatic MP4, Excel, Docx, and After Effects. Boords places a strong emphasis on user privacy and confidentiality while ensuring accessibility through its online platform. To learn more, visit Boords – Free Storyboard Software.

The sample below, I let the software create 6 panels for me giving it a very general prompt.

I then used it’s AI image generator to create drawing for each panel.

I quickly ran out of free credits for testing, but it seems like a really valuable platform for doing pre-visualizion of more complex video productions.

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