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DxRevive and audio

By: Devon Henry

DxRevive is a new audio filter on fxfactory that promises to “restore any speech recording to studio-like clarity”. So we thought we’d see what that meant in practice.

I grabbed some audio on the quad last week during booth set up and just ran that through the filters. The video shows the raw clip > dx Revive > FCP > Premiere Essential Sound.

I think the dxRevive filter sounds the best with the least work. I did play with the others a bit to get better sound but honestly the dxRevive sounded the best without much fussing. Obviously that’s not perfect, definitely still some muffling to contend with, but it easily beats the scratchy FCP filter if you’re working in that. Premiere is obviously better equipped with built-in tools and the Essential Sound in beta is promising for certain settings I’d be interested in trying out in the future (I believe they both use similar technology), but in the meantime, for FCP, dxRevive is pretty good. It’s also compatible with Premiere and many other programs.

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