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Steve In Italiano

By: Stephen Toback

I admit that ever since I’ve started working with artificial intelligence, I’ve overused the word “amazing”. Forget all of those amazing things because THIS is amazing.

Take a video of at least 2 minutes long, upload it. The software:

  • Translates your speech into any number of languages
  • Copies your voice to make it speak Italian
  • Modify your lips to make it match the new language

Costs $30/month.

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  1. My friend Tony watched it and was amazed at the quality of the translation and the lip sync. He said there were only two “mistakes” – It translated “Florence” to Florenzia which is the Italian Florence and it translated son’s as “Sons” plural. I’d say that was pretty great!

  2. AMAZING! I listened to the French.

    The product even maintained authentic language production — it did not translate the title of the song into French, but kept it in English, which is super impressive.

    One tiny preposition bug – “he travels all over Italy to go to concerts” came out more ambiguous – it chose the word “en” to replace “all over” which could translate as “He travels to Italy to go to concerts” or “He travels in Italy”. Not a big deal.


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