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Zoom White Board

By: Scott C Frey

Duke University is evaluating the new whiteboard feature offered by Zoom, and already recommending it to faculty members. I received great insight from DLI about the new feature, and the university is optimistic about its potential. The new feature includes templates that aim to recreate real-life use cases, such as project management and agile methodologies. The whiteboard feature offers an interesting step forward, however the implementation may work better with standalone PM tools. Duke University is also looking into creating custom templates that would be more suited to their specific needs.

The integration of the whiteboard feature with Canvas and LTI Pro is being closely monitored, as the university is in the process of migrating to Canvas. The integration is slightly more robust in Canvas and includes a new whiteboard tab. The university is also evaluating Padlet, a faculty-preferred teaching tool, as a complementary tool to the Zoom whiteboard. There is a wide variety of use cases for virtual bulletin boards, and research has already been published on the topic. With the great insight from Chris Lorch at DLI, Duke University is optimistic about the new whiteboard feature from Zoom.


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