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Forty-Three Dollar USB/Wireless Microscope

By: Stephen Toback

So I got one of those annoying ads in my Facebook feed about this amazing wireless microscope that’s regularly a buhzillion dollars but can be yours today for only $79.99. I actually thought that was a pretty neat idea so I checked out Amazon and found this baby for $43.

To say I’m impressed with this thing is an understatement. Did I mention it only cost $43? I connected it to my Mac, it immediately recognized the microscope in QuickTime X and I was recording.

I then stuck a penny under the scope and connected it to a Zoom meeting:

Did I mentioned this only cost $43?

While it can only capture 720 via USB, it can capture 1080 via wireless. Wireless? Yes. It has it’s own (unsecure) hotspot. Connect your phone (or multiple phones) to the hotspot, launch the app, and you can capture stiils or video to your phone or tablet (Android or iOS)

It comes with a built in LED light, cable and a stand and a cover. And it costs… well you know.

Possible use cases (beyond secondary and primary school) could be something like DukeEngage that wants to bring a 1000x portable microscope out in the field to capture images/video.

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