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Adobe Premiere Rush

By: Devon Henry

It’s a bit difficult to find the definitive software that should be the default suggestion to an audience that is new to video editing, or just wants to edit casually. With so many things to consider, Adobe Premiere Rush is a free-to-cheap option that works on many platforms. It works on Mac, PC, even iPhones. It’s included in the full Adobe Suite and with Premiere Pro, alternatively costing $9.99 a month.

Rush is marketed as an editor “for YouTube or any other online video channel”. I have to say, it’s one of the smoothest non-pro editors I’ve worked with. It’s very simple and runs fast, so I didn’t experience any lagging or crashing or freezing. It’s organized well and things are easy to find and manipulate.

Another neat aspect of it is that if you ever decide that you would like to do more intense editing, you can load it into the full version of Adobe Premiere. The whole Premiere suite including this item costs $20.99-$31.49 depending on which plan you get, though, so you don’t save much by bundling unless you’re interested in the Adobe library itself.

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