Zoom Room – Make it Work!

While demoing a Zoom Room, I sometimes get the all-too-familiar look of “I get it… this is great and all, but our students, faculty, and/or staff want a simple solution. They don’t want to download an app, wireless sharing isn’t their thing, and they don’t even know what AirPlay is…” Those are some rather significant hurdles in a technology forward room, but Zoom Room is prepared for the challenge.

By simply connecting a laptop to the system via HDMI (technically, the HDMI is connected to an HDMI to USB adaptor, that’s connected to the Zoom Room computer), the content is automatically shared to the Zoom Room screen(s). No touchscreen navigation required, no “share to monitor” button needed, nothing. It really doesn’t get any easier. The only “gotcha” would be that there are only three HDMI to USB adaptors currently supported (Magewell, Inogeni, and Logitech).

We’re looking forward to further testing this feature over the coming days, along with CEC controls via the touchscreen.

More Info: Wired HDMI Screen Share Via Capture Device


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