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Coremelt PaintX – Coming soon to Final Cut Pro

By: Devon Henry

Coremelt has a tracking paint tool plugin for Final Cut called PaintX that they plan to release later this year. They have similar existing tools available on their website, like their SliceX/Track X bundle, but PaintX is going to not only have improved functionality, it’ll offer more features, including animated and tracked brush strokes. They have a video showcasing some of their functionality here:

The tools seem pretty straightforward and I like the interface, though I’m sure we’ll have to wait until it’s actually released to comment on how user-friendly it is. For now, it seems to flow fairly well, considering what it’s outputting.

Based on Coremelt’s other products, this could be anywhere from $99-199 or more in price, but there are no other real clues as to what the final cost will be at this point. Still, once it’s released in the summer, I’m hoping for at least a trial version to get a chance to play with.

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