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Warpwire Workflows and Guides

By: Todd Stabley

Many of you by now are familiar with Warpwire’s support website since we feature their collection of video tutorials, called Guides, in the Help section of our service landing page.  Warpwire recently added a new section to their support site, called Workflows. These Workflows show how to use Warpwire from the standpoint of particular use cases, such as when an instructor wants to provide feedback to students via video, or when an instructor in a language course would like to review video or audio clips of her students practicing speaking skills.

Below are some of the new Warpwire Workflows we think you might find helpful. If there are other use cases you would like for Warpwire to consider adding, please feel free to reach out to and let us know your ideas so that we can share them with the company. And as always, if there are particular features you would like to see in Warpwire that don’t currently exist, we want to hear about those too:

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Warpwire’s video Guides, below is a selection of some of the tutorials we think users at Duke might find most useful, especially when they are starting out:


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