Warpwire 2.2.3 Now Offers Downloading

One of the oft-cited feature requests we’ve received for Warpwire since we began running it at Duke in 2014 is the ability for asset owners to download their media files from the system. With Warpwire 2.2.3, which we launched on January 3rd, we now have that ability. Since Warpwire’s main purpose is to function as a secure streaming platform, this feature is only available to Media Library Administrators, asset owners, or Warpwire System Administrators. Any users with these permissions will see the download option by default for the assets to which they have rights, as shown in the image below:
Warpwire download link
You can also add the ability to download files manually for any particular users you assign access to your recordings via the Share menu in Warpwire as shown in the image below:
It should be mentioned that Warpwire doesn’t save your original files, so what you’ll be presented with when you select the download option is a list of the three different encoded formats Warpwire created from your original files, as shown in the image below. If you need a file sharing service for keeping your originals, we recommend duke.box.com.
 Warpwire download options

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