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Luna Display

By: Devon Henry

I came across a kickstarter for the Luna Display by AstroHQ, which is a new product that enables one to turn an iPad into a second screen for your Mac. It has currently met its pledge goal nearly a dozen times over, and that’s with another fifty days to go.

Theoretically, all that’s needed are the MiniDisplayPort or USB-C dongle and for both your Mac and your iPad to be on the same Wi-Fi connection. The idea is to have a more reliable connection than something requiring bluetooth or plugins, but a cleaner and simpler setup than something that would require cable connections.

According to this article on The Verge, the current beta still sometimes plays video and the like with a diminished quality and annoying lag with a weak or crowded internet connection, but it still seems to work better than some wired connections and there is no reported lag in Photoshop. Using it as a drawing tablet seems to be the way to get the best use out of the product as that’s its original purpose, but it seems promising that it could be used for presentations and screen recordings. In spite of the current beta bugs, it seems to have a lot of momentum and a dedicated team behind it.

Units will run at $59 and ship next Spring. For someone already running a Mac and an iPad, it seems like it could be a neat tool.

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