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MoviePro – Adds Audio Metering Goodness

By: Stephen Toback

There’s a cool app for iOS that is solving a pretty common production problem. We’ve been handing out Audio Technica wired lav mics to faculty for some time. They are less than $30 and provide great audio for faculty that want to record remotely with their own iOS device because they don’t want to bring a lot of extra equipment with them. The biggest problem with these microphones is they do not have an indicator light to tell you that they are on, so they are often left on and then the battery drains. We provide extra batteries but we’ve had faculty conduct interviews and then find out that the audio wasn’t working.

The MoviePro app has solved this problem with the addition of audio meters. This way, they can tell immediately if the audio is working or worse, if the battery dies mid interview. There are other cool features of the app including ISO and shutter control as well as a rudimentary editor built in.

For $5.99, it’s good insurance against missing an important interview!

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