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Go Pro Surfing Accessories and Techniques

By: Todd Stabley

Props if you are an actual surfer who can put these tips to use, but I’m guessing as we say goodbye to summer many of you regardless of surfing ability will appreciate this cool multimedia essay on Steller illustrating the latest ways to film surfing action shots using Go Pros.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.47.56 PM

Some of the accessories and techniques highlighted here will be relevant beyond the surfing world, such the tips for optimizing quality settings based on the goals for your footage. In terms of accessories, I was intrigued to see a combo grip/ extender/ tripod (it’s like a MacGyver-approved selfie stick), as well as a couple devices to keep your Go Pro from sinking if you’re using it in water. There are also tips and accessories for keeping your lens clear from fog and water drops when exposed to water. Boy, Go Pro certainly has come a long way since the first units shipped and began offering action sport enthusiasts a way to memorialize their exploits on YouTube and beyond.

Just a minor heads up some sections of the audio narration are a little amped up, so you might want to have your volume control at the ready.

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