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MOVO Lav Mic Test

By: Stephen Toback

Looking for a way to replace our desktop Blue USB mic to reduce ambient noise for faculty. Think we found a solution but concerned about the durability of the mic – then again, for only $40, seems like a good risk.

Movo Microphone

Behringer USB Mic Pre


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  1. An update! Mich reminded me of the SYBA USB Stereo Sound Adapter which is $8.00 on Amazon. I remember we had tried this years ago, still had one in the packaging in the lab. Gave it another try with the $40 Audio Technica Lav Mic and it works! Works well in fact. I remember distinctly that it didn’t show up in the Mac sound control panel, but now it does. This will most likely be our solution moving forward for our production laptop kits. The only downside is battery replacement which you don’t have with the other solution since it is phantom powered.

    SYBA USB Adapter:
    AT Wired Lav:

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