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NextGen 3D TV With No Glasses Makes Its Debut At CIT Showcase

By: Stephen Toback

Steve & 3D TV

Izon Technologies delivered our long anticipated 3D TV that requires no glasses.  We had been waiting for a “short throw” version which is still in development so we opted to get their standard model. This model is designed for digital signage applications so you need to be about 10 feet away for the best effect.

The overall reaction was mind blowing. I think some people didn’t realize what this was at first – how can you see 3D images with no glasses? There were some that mentioned they still felt queasy and uncomfortable with viewing 3D images but that is something we are really looking to research further. Without glasses restricting your vision, it should be more natural and appear like a simple 2D image to those that can’t view 3D due to some challenges with their eyes.

The Duke Digital Initiative plans to loan the TV and camera to any interested faculty for teaching or research. We’d also like stereo content to add to our catalog for demonstration purposes. The television will be at our new production offices and studio at Telcom so we’d be happy to schedule a viewing. Contact DDI at ddi-requests at for more information or to see for yourself.


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