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Duke Lecture Capture Survey

By: Todd Stabley

As many of you know, Media Technologies periodically conducts a survey of leading lecture capture tools in an effort to ensure that DukeCapture remains up-to-date and serves the needs of our community. Our last survey was published in 2014 and concluded that Panopto was still the best option to be used as the flagship product for this program. To make sure we fully address the needs of the Duke community, I’d like to invite your feedback about what tools we should be evaluating, and what particular features are key for you in a class recording solution. We will be releasing a formal survey later this semester, and in the meantime I’d encourage you to contact me directly for informal conversations around this topic and specifically about your current or planned use of DukeCapture.
We’ve had quite a few peers from schools across the country report to us that they found our past surveys useful, and we hope this resource can continue to be valuable to others. Toward that end, I am also reaching out to peer institutions to hear what products they are using or considering using in the near future.
The tools on former surveys that will likely appear on our next one include:
  • Panopto (currently the flagship program for DukeCapture)
  • Mediasite
  • Techsmith Relay
  • Echo360
  • Tegrity
  • Polycom RealPresence Capture Series
  • Opencast Matterhorn
  • Crestron Capture-HD
  • Cattura
Some of the newer offerings we are considering adding to the survey this year include:
  • Extron SMP 351
  • Yuja
  • Collaaj
  • Winnov
  • Kaltura CaptureSpace
Below is the link to the last version of our survey, released in 2014:
Thanks in advance for your contributions to this resource.

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