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Warpwire 1.6 Update

By: Todd Stabley

Great news! The talented team at Warpwire together with OIT Media Technologies implemented a significant upgrade of Warpwire (v. 1.6) at Duke last week that adds a number of eagerly-anticipated features.

Warpwire Secure Media Publishing

These new features include:

Closed Captions:
– Added ability to upload closed captions in SRT format for any video asset
– Closed Caption icon is present within the video player for files with associated caption metadata
– Simplified sharing by consolidating the “Share secure link or Embed” and the “Share with Users and Groups” into a single share interface
– Added the ability to promote shared members within a Media Library to administrators of the media library
– Sharing with groups and users now use the same search interface and are threaded within the results
– Share link, embed code, and scripts are visibly more distinctive and now automatically select the link text on click
Removing Media:
– Revised workflow for media removal to allow for automatic deletion from all shared locations
– Removing media that is only present in a single Media Library will permanently remove the asset
– Added the ability for users to assign ownership of a media asset to a different user

We are very excited to be able to offer you these updates.  The Warpwire team is continuing to actively develop their product in part based upon our (i.e., your) input, and so we are eager to hear how Warpwire is working out for you as well as to hear what additional feature requests would be useful for you and the teams, departments and programs  you are a part of at Duke.

For more information, and to start using Warpwire, just visit and log in with your Duke NetID. Feel free to reach out with any questions.


-Todd Stabley

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