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New Warpwire and Panopto Embed Feature for Sites@Duke

By: Todd Stabley

I’m excited to announce that our Duke Web Services team has released a plugin this month for Sites@Duke that allows you to embed Warpwire and Panopto videos!

I’m working with our training lead, Christine Vucinich (Thanks Christine!) to create step-by -step documentation, but the process is pretty simple. Basically, all you need to do is enter¬†the following text in the Text tab for your WordPress Post, making sure to enclose the whole line in square brackets:

duke_media src=”your_Warpwire_or_Panopto_Video_URL_here” width=”640″ height=”360″

Below is an example of how an embedded Warpwire video looks:

You can also embed an entire Warpwire Media Library by using the link for the library Warpwire provides:

Below is an example of an embedded Panopto video:


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