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Logitech’s New Portable Videoconferencing Solution

By: Jack D'Ardenne

mariner-main-featureLogitech recently announced the ConferenceCam Connect, which is a portable videoconferencing solution for small groups.  It features 1080P video, 360 degree sound, and USB and bluetooth speakerphone.  It can be powered via AC power or by using its built-in rechargeable battery.  The camera features a digital pan, mechanical tilt, 4x digital Full HD zoom.  The system is designed to be portable and used by small groups, 1-6 people.  The list price is $499.


Our Logitech rep, Warren Widener, will be visiting Duke on March 4th at 1:30pm with a demo unit.  We will be meeting in Bostock 042.

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  1. I’ll be curious to know for certain whether it still needs to be hooked up to a laptop in order to fulfill it’s duty as a video conferencing camera. For me a holy grail is a device or widget that can attach to the network, initiate the call to the other end and then be reconfigurable after the initial connection. Then keep the connection open until the event is complete and then the connection is closed. All this should be done without a laptop/desktop or a commercial OS sitting between the device and the Internet at large. More or less I would call it an IP based video phone, but most of these are glorified webcams still needing a host OS to work.

    1. Yes, that’s called a video conferencing codec.(Sarcasm!) We’re with you 100%. We were just talking today about the possibility of a Skype appliance. We’ve found software conferencing solutions in general to be more susceptible to both networking issues and host computer multitasking issues as compared to a purpose built codec. I believe this is a glorified webcam but the incredible benefit of an echo canceled USB speakerphone cannot be over looked. Companies such as Cisco are coming out with relatively low cost compact codecs but still cost more than the average PC.

      — Steve

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