DDMC September 2014 Meeting: 3D Printing @ Duke

DDMC 3D Printing Meeting

We are kicking off this semester’s  DDMC meetings with an open discussion about the state of 3D Printing at Duke. Courtesy of the DDI program, OIT-ITS has added two Makerbot extrusion 3D printers to the MPS lab’s services and are in the process of evaluating the addition of a resin/laser based Formlabs printer.
We know several schools and departments (and even students) have their own 3D Printers and many more may be interested in how this now affordable technology can be used in their research and teaching. 

We are extending an open invitation to any and all people across the University and Duke Medicine to come together for a discussion on what you are currently doing and what you’d like to see done at Duke specifically around 3D printing. 

If you have time before this meeting, please ask around your department’s staff, faculty and students to get some additional input on possible or current use cases to bring to the conversation.
Please feel free to forward this link to other mailing lists that might contain interested parties.

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