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By: Chip Bobbert II

The FLIR One imaging system began shipping last week (

Alternative sensor tech is a very interesting subject for production engineers. For years I have been ripping my apart my camera bodies to strip out the cut filters that limit my images to the visible spectrum. Indeed I have a T2i body just for IR and one for full spectrum. But what has always alluded me was the ability to shoot thermal images. There have been projects where the creative use of such tech could have provided unique views in documentary pieces.

FLIR is a household name at this point and the industry leader in thermal imaging but up until last week the prices have been prohibitive (starting at a $1000 for a very basic unit). Their new system, the FLIR One, changes all of that. It’s basically a slip on cover that interfaces with an iPhone 5/5s. The One uses the iPhone’s processing power while providing their own proprietary cameras for the image collection.

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