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An Introduction to the Sony FDR-AX100

By: Chip Bobbert II

Continuing our exploration into 4K we have acquired a Sony FDR-AX100.  This a prosumer grade camera from Sony with the notable feature of being, of course, 4K (specifically UltraHD).  I will do an in depth review of it in the next week but my first impressions are favorable for a small unit at the sub-$2000 price point.  It does have some pro-level features such as ND filters, manual focus and iris controls, and so on.  Notably missing is the ability to connect balanced audio leaving one to rely on a breakout box like the Beachtek.

I shot a quick piece outside of the office and with YouTube’s new 4K renderings, I can actually show it to you.  It absolutely blows my mind that I can deliver 4K to an end user for with less than a $2k total investment.  Enjoy, more to come.

(to View in 4K, follow the video to YouTube, our WordPress site doesn’t appear to embed it correctly)


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