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Hold off on a new UHD TV?

By: Todd Stabley

Jan Ozer noted in an interesting June 10 article on that there are some standards battles going on right now in the world of UHD (Ultra High Definition–i.e., 4k and above) TVs you might want to factor in if you are considering purchasing a set now. Some of this is tied in with the move to HEVC (H.265).  There are multiple profiles for HEVC, and there will be different ways video providers and set manufacturers will deal with those. Panasonic generated some buzz recently by releasing a new UHD TV, the AX800, that doesn’t support the version of HEVC used by Netflix, and apparently this incompatibility is a permanent one.


Additionally, the stage is set for a shift soon from 8 bit to 10 bit displays for UHD sets, which should provide significant improvement in color and display quality. Most sets currently available are 8-bit, which means your set would be outdated soon if you buy it today.

For more information see Jan Ozer’s article here:

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