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The Dawn of a new day

By: Stephen Toback


One of the challenges we’ve faced with the dLightboard is cleaning the neon Expo marker from the glass. Regular cleaners including Windex leave a haze as you can see above. We tried using Expo marker cleaner, but the smell was so incredibly bad, we’ve banned it from our lab and the first floor completely.


Chip tried using a squeegee with water. That worked well, but created a mess and would preclude us from putting LEDs on the bottom. So we lined up a bunch of products to test looking for a de-greaser.


No, we didn’t try CoffeeMate.

The winner was… Dawn! Mixing Dawn in a spray bottle with water (about 1/3 Dawn + 2/3 Water) did really well. We’d spray it on a paper towel and then use a dry paper towel to dry it up. As you can see below, no more haze!


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  1. I personally found this method to be the worst out of all the different cleaners I’ve tried. It made more haze by itself not including the marker than other cleaners with the marker. I have tried many liquid cleaners, but what I have found best to deal with haze is not to use a liquid cleaner. So far my best method is to use dry KimtechScience Kimwipes. They are a porous microfiber paper towels for cleaning delicate situations in labs.

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