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DDMC Meeting – Adobe Alternatives – April 29th, 2pm Perkins 218

By: Jack D'Ardenne

With the recent Adobe licensing changes, many of us at Duke have been looking for alternative applications.  The purpose of this meeting is to have an open discussion about what applications you have been using in place of Adobe software.

Glenn Setliff Jr., Duke’s Software Licensing Coordinator, will be providing a quick summary of the current status of Adobe’s licensing agreements and how they affect Duke.  Glenn has set up a very useful Adobe alternatives wiki page which lists and provides info about several alternative apps.  The link for the wiki page is below.

Chip Bobbert, who manages OIT’s MPS Media Labs, will also be talking about the research and testing he’s done, and what apps he is currently testing in the MPS Labs.

The meeting will be on Tuesday, April 29th from 2pm-3pm in Perkins 218.  We hope to see you all there.
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