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AirPlay & AirParrot

By: Chip Bobbert II

2014-03-02 20.49.35

I’m beginning to think that much of the expensive technology that goes into an average integrated classroom could be replaced by cheap (less than a $100) boxes running AirPlay.

One of the big challenges holding back this tech is the lack of mirroring support on Windows devices. There is a relatively cheap piece of software out there that does provide this functionality for non-Apple users called AirParrot. I decided to give it a whirl this weekend.

There really isn’t much to report beyond the fact that it worked flawlessly, installed easily and otherwise did everything it’s supposed to do. There’s an icon on the dock, simply right click it and select the AirPlay device on the other side you want to mirror and off you go. There was one hiccup in that it didn’t “wake” my AppleTV from sleep mode after several attempts but I’m not sure where that issue exists. Though once I clicked on the remote to wake it up, everything worked as it should. Latency is low, less than a half second. Audio also works but I had to make sure I checked that option when mirroring.

The license is $9.99 retail but volume and educational pricing plans exist. Definitely a must have piece of software.


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  1. I’ve been playing around with Reflector, which is a software by the same developer that turns your mac or PC into an Airplay receiver. So, if you have a dedicated PC you could get wireless images also for around 10$. So far it works pretty well with an iPad and iPhone, but not perfect from my MacBook. Also, it won’t play Apple encrypted iTunes content.

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