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3D Printing From Photoshop? Shut up! (No you shut up!)

By: Stephen Toback

One of the most challenging aspects of 3D printing (beyond keeping the nozzle unclogged) has been the creation of models to print. Sure, there is value in printing other objects for reference, but creating your own objects and bringing them into the real world is the killer app. Maya, Blender, CAD, 3D Max, all have huge learning curves so those would be challenging for non-engineering experts to use.

When our resident graphics expert Michael Faber brainstormed with Chip this morning, we discovered that the new 3D capabilities of Photoshop CC might just be the killer app we’ve been looking for. Sure enough, Michael sat down and within a few minutes produced a printable* 3D Co-lab logo, we knew we were on to something.

We are certainly not the first to figure this out, but it’s still quite astonishing.

Here’s a short video of idea to object in just a few moments..

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