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Google Glass – First Video

By: Stephen Toback

Despite being limited to what I can do because of no 3G hot spot, I was able to record and share my first video.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 1.25.31 PM







Navigating around the glasses is “almost” intuitive. I was able to figure out most everything, but did have to use their web help to find out how to share a video. There’s lots of swiping and tapping the side of the glasses which is pretty natural… well, natural from a UI interface, I’m sure you’ll look pretty strange sitting on the bus tapping the side of your head.

In order to share the video I recorded I had to

  1. Starting at the main screen, swipe forward to bring up the video
  2. When you saw the thumbnail for your video, it said “Play” – tapping it would play the video and you can hear the audio in your ear
  3. Swiping forward showed the word “Share” in front of the thumbnail
  4. I tapped it – it then asked me share with who? Default was my Google + Circles (yes it is integrated with Google+)
  5. I swiped forward and it said “Public” so I tapped it

It did seem to take a REALLY long time to stop rendering on Google+. For a few seconds of video. This was strange and I’ll look more into expected render times.

There are voice commands as well. Saying, “OK Glass” – puts it into listen mode. This works well and it prompts you with what you can say which is nice.

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