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A Search: Best Practices for Massive Amounts of Mysterious Images?


Here’s a scenario that I imagine is not entirely uncommon: Users have been putting photos onto various shared drives for years. Probably a few thousand images, many without clear labels, a few different folder systems, and no tags. So, how do you tackle this?

I’ve had discussions with a few people on how best to handle this, some of what was suggested:
1) Leave the archive as a wild no-man’s land. Focus on making an easy system for organizing/images images moving forward.
2) Cherry pick the most useful seeming folders, organize them, forget the rest (a friend’s advice)
3) Run all public images through Picassa, tag moving forward, and tag past images when convenient with a bit of assistance from the facial recognition (my current tentative plan)
4) Bite the bullet and manually go through all the images

Was just wondering if anyone at Duke had dealt with this successfully, and/or had suggestions for tools and best practices for working through this. (Note: This was previously posted to WebCom, though I feel some folks here might have suggestions as well). Thoughts?

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