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Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD HD 720p All-in-One Projector w/ Apple-Device Dock

By: Jack D'Ardenne

OIT-ITS purchased the Epson MG-850HD projector a few months ago with the hopes of using it paired with an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) to do video conferencing.  The projector features a charging dock connector that supports any of the current Apple iOS devices.  Unfortunately, after some testing we found out that the projector does not support any kind of mirroring from a connected iOS device.  However, it does support the playback of any photos, music and videos that are currently on an iOS device that is plugged into the projector’s dock connector.  The playback of the photos, music and videos is done using a basic user controllable interface on the projector.

Since the projector does feature an HDMI connection we decided to throw an Apple TV into the mix so we could mirror our iOS device’s screen to the projector.  This worked perfectly mirroring our iOS’s screen to the Apple TV which was connected to the projector via HDMI.  This could be done with any projector that has HDMI but we were impressed with the video and audio quality of the Epson.  For more specifics on the projector check out the Epson MG-850HD product page.

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