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Wirecast 4.2: More Tools for HD Streaming

By: Todd Stabley

Those of you broadcasting via Duke’s Wowza Media Server might want to note that v. 4.2 was released on 9/20.  It offers support for Mountain Lion, for streaming with H.264 High Profile (which should provide higher quality), support for 1080p, and for additional cards/ capture devices that may be of interest, including the AVerMedia HD Game Broadcaster (C127) (Windows), which we are currently testing and that I’ll be writing about on this blog soon.  There is also a new virtual camera tool that should be interesting to explore. Full details about the updates are listed here:

We haven’t had a chance to test this yet and are particularly interested to see if it is prone to the intermittent connection difficulties to Wowza servers Wirecast indicated were resolved in 4.1.4, but that some users noted were still present in that version.  Please keep us posted as you test this out.

Of course, even though we’re seeing support on client side hardware and software emerge for HD streaming, there are still other constraints such as end to end network throughput  and hardware/ software limitations for end users.  So if you have a project that might involve HD streaming, please keep us in the loop so we can help you architect a solution that will meet your needs.


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