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Panopto Practices What They Preach

By: Todd Stabley

With the addition of several new staff members, Panopto’s engineering team has seen a lot of growth in recent months. Unfortunately, though, as part of these changes they are losing John Ketchpaw, one of the architects of Panopto and a leader on the dev team. John was great to work with, and Duke will miss him. The good news, however, is that Panopto has made several new engineering hires and have found some talented folks to replace him, each of whom will have more focused areas of responsibility. For example, Bertrand Lee, who previously worked at Microsoft, where he designed the Windows XP and Vista drivers for USB cams, will have the Panopto Remote Recorder as his sole area of responsibility. That means we have some exciting improvements on the horizon in this area.

Panopto also turned John’s exit into a great opportunity to put their own tools to use. Over the course of three weeks, John met with the engineering team to transfer his knowledge, and all of those meetings were recorded using Panopto software. This way, team members can review the information John covered to make sure they understand everything, and can take notes to help pinpoint areas where there are questions.

Panopto put together an amazing video to showcase this project, which you can watch here:

And you can read more about it on Panopto’s blog here:

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