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Duke OIT visits Cisco to check out an Active Collaboration Room

By: Jack D'Ardenne

A few of us in OIT recently visited Cisco in RTP to check out one of their Active Collaboration Rooms (ACR).

For the demo we visited one of Cisco’s ACRs which was 24’x24′.  This room contained the default ACR functionality: SmartBoard, projector, raised seating in the back and a Cisco CTS 1300.  One notable change was the use of hanging microphones which Cisco said is something they are now using in ACRs.  They feel hanging microphones offer a better audio experience compared to table microphones and we agreed.

We called out to an another ACR room in San Jose which was similar to the room we were in.  The San Jose room also featured hanging microphones.  Both rooms joined a WebEX meeting where the SmartBoards were shared and both sides annotated simultaneously on a powerpoint slide.  It was made clear to everyone that to use the SmartBoard like this (simultaneously) it must be done through a WebEX meeting.  The SmartBoard could also be shared via the content channel but this would only show one side at a time.

If you are interested in learning anymore about Cisco ACRs please let me know.

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