Resolution of constitution


Wang Jian, Zheng Wei, Xue Qiang
Members of DCSSA Oversight Committee (Term 2000~2001)
First draft on June 21, 2000
Last update on June 21, 2000

1. (06/21/2000) Regarding the Approval Procedure for DCSSA Routine Projects

1.1 Objective

Creating a workable and efficient method for the deliberation of projects initiated by the members of Executive Committee.

1.2 Scope

Any projects within the scope of power of Executive Committee are subject to this procedure.

1.3 Procedure

a) Member who initiated the proposal shall make an outline including, but not limited to the following elements: objective of the operation, title description, estimated cost, estimated timetable.
b) Send the proposal via email to all members of Executive Committee.
c) Members of Executive Committee shall cast their votes within forty-eight hours. If one third or more than one-third members of Executive Committee vote against the proposal within forty-eight hours, the proposal is rejected. Otherwise, the proposal is approved.
d) If the project is approved, President or people designated by President shall send emails to all members of Executive Committee confirming the approval. If the project is rejected, it may be modified and resubmitted for consideration as a new proposal and be subject to the same procedure.

1.4 Alternative Way of Deliberation

President may call a conference for the deliberation of a particular project. The votes required for approval in conference deliberation are the same as electronic deliberation.

2. (06/21/2000) Regarding the Financial Report

A copy of monthly bank report and a quarterly detailed report shall be submitted to Oversight Committee.

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